Ian McShane spelar ju rollen som Winston Scott i John Wick-filmerna och han fick nyligen frågan om han hade sett spinoff-serien The Continental, vilket han inte har. Faktum är att han vägrar, och menar på att serien är meningslös.

Ian McShane:
"No, I wouldn’t watch it. I have no intentions – nobody – I don’t think Keanu watched it, neither has Chad. It had nothing to do with our movies. It’s just a question of a TV company cashing in on the series and taking the option to air?. They never asked us about anything so why would I be interested in seeing it? I’m afraid their arrogance in getting the show out is beyond me so I wish them well. I think it’s come and gone, hasn’t it?"

Om The Continental:
The Continental is a spinoff series set in the John Wick universe. The Peacock show follows the origin of the hotel for assassins, with the leading character, Winston Scott, headed back there to face his past. The Continental is set in 1975 and sees an underworld group trying to take over the hotel. The series is a three-night special event, with each episode running for 90 minutes.

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