Kinesiska Moza Racing har precis utannonserat en modulär lastbilsratt för simracing som kommer att släppas i början av april. Här på redaktionen ser vi fram emot att testa den och kommer då att sätta Conny bakom ratten.

Saxat ur den officiella pressreleasen:
"The Farming and Truck simulation gaming experience leaps forward with the introduction of the MOZA TSW Truck Wheel. Launched on February 27th, the world’s first steering wheel designed exclusively for truck simulators. Garnering acclaim at its Gamescom 2023 premiere, this launch is set to redefine the truck simulator genre, merging unmatched realism with cutting-edge innovation.

The truck simulation community has shown a growing demand for more authentic and immersive simulation experiences. Recent market and industry research indicates that enthusiasts are seeking high-fidelity realism, customization options, and innovative features that closely mimic the intricacies of truck driving. The MOZA TSW Truck Wheel, with its focus on realism, innovation, and an enhanced user experience, is strategically positioned to meet these expectations. Users can look forward to these features:

Innovative Design: The MOZA TSW features a classic four-spoke design with a 400mm diameter, standard for real trucks, ensuring a highly realistic and immersive driving experience for large vehicle enthusiasts. From maneuvering busy roads to farming simulators and other truck and tractor-based games, the MOZA TSW will satisfy all tastes.

Leading Craftsmanship: Constructed with premium microfiber leather and meticulous hand stitching, the steering wheel rim offers supreme durability and comfort. Its aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame enhances robustness and ensures long-lasting gameplay immersion. The overall result is comfortable and durable design that will provide years of quality gaming on popular truck simulation games like Farming Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, and more.

Enhanced Features: The MOZA TSW is equipped with 14 short-travel RGB backlit buttons, and customizable RPM LED lights, providing precision control and a personalized touch. Its all-aluminum quick-release system, compatible with all MOZA bases, offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Open Ecosystem: MOZA’s dedication to an open ecosystem ensures third-party base compatibility via the MOZA universal hub kit, showcasing the company’s commitment to inclusivity within the sim racing community.

Giving Players a Real-World Experience: Featuring dual-mode communication and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the MOZA TSW allows for extensive customization and versatility. The MOZA TSW steering wheel has been subjected to exhaustive testing and is fine-tuned to elevate the truck simulator experience to new heights."

Storlek – 400mm
Fälgmaterial – Aerospace-grade aluminium
Eker och navhus – Polymerkomposit
Snabbaktiverande bakgrundsbelysta knappar – 14
Aluminium tumhjul – 2
Ultratunna joysticks – 2
RGB LED ljuspärlor – 10
LED-färger – 16,7 miljoner
Intelligent telemetri – stöds
Frigöringsmetod – Snabbkoppling helt i aluminium
Kommunikationsmetod – Trådlöst och trådbundet
Kompatibilitet – Kompatibel med alla MOZA-baser; fungerar med 3:e parts baser via MOZA-hubben.


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