Ori-skaparnas nya No Rest for the Wicked har varit ute på marknaden i runt en månad, och nu är det dags för spelet (som ännu är i sin Early Access-fas) att få en ny uppdatering. Detta blir förövrigt den andra patchen sedan spelets lanserades, och det är helt klart den största uppdateringen av de båda, med massor av förbättringar och finjusteringar. Spelare kommer som exempel kunna skräddarsy sitt eget kontrollschema när man lirar med en kontroll, och det kommer även vara möjligt att testa nya vapen man kommer över även om man inte når upp till kraven för att svinga tillhyggena på ett perfekt sätt. Patchen är ute i detta nu, och ni kan läsa samtliga uppdateringar här nedan:

Performance Mode now lowers texture resolution, reducing crashes on lower-end machines
Numerous Significant CPU optimizations
Fixed performance degradation that might occur on some gamepads
Fixed numerous memory leaks
Reduced instantiation spikes for numerous objects
Disabled detail meshes on generic humanoids faces when not needed
Reduced latency, overhead and improved stability of GPU Culling
Optimized texture resolution and memory budgets for Steam Deck
Optimized Art content in Ship Prologue and its cinematics
Removed unused weapon assets to free up memory
Removed leftover developer tools to free up memory
Optimized CPU spikes of a variety of common content loading operations
Added texture streaming for character portraits during dialogue interactions to save memory
Fixed some persistent log spam being generated by potatoes in Nameless Pass
Cleaned up numerous NPC prefabs, reducing memory footprint and instantiation costs
Optimized Ambient Occlusion Rendering
Extended GPU culling usage for more cases
Configured and optimized pooling for more prefab instantiations reducing CPU spikes

Gameplay Systems
Added new Respec System!
Players can now Respec by examining the statue in the Cerim Crucible Atrium
Respec allows players to take back Attribute Points that have been allocated at the cost of 1 Fallen Ember per Attribute Point returned
Players can then allocate returned Attribute Points for no cost at the Respec screen or in the existing Stats screen

Quality Of Life
All weapons can now be equipped regardless of their Attribute Requirements to allow players to try out weapons they acquire
Weapons that the player does not meet the requirements for will deal less damage through negative scaling on the Attributes that are below the weapon’s Attribute Requirements

Inventory Items can now be docked to compare them
Press F (Keyboard) or L3 (Controller) to dock items and hover other items to compare

Brought back the Misc category to the Inventory
Housing items, Runes, Fallen Embers and other miscellaneous items will now be sorted into this category and free up space from other categories

Vendor screens are now sorted by item type so that items are more organized for purchase
Improved Stamina player HUD brightness for better visibility, and readability of stamina debt
Added side notifications for when Danos Sacrament Upgrades are completed
Added Floor Indicators under the Clock HUD to show the Cerim Crucible floors
Improved visibility of LB/RB button icons for Equipment HUD on Steam Deck

Added support for Upscaling with DLSS 3.7 and FSR 2.2
Added custom key rebinding options for Controller
Added support for Mouse Buttons 4,5 and F1-F12 Keys for custom Keyboard bindings
Default Keyboard layout set to Mouse+WASD
Added support for worldspace Player HUD (Stamina wheel, NPC name tags, etc) brightness to UI Brightness setting

Content Additions
Added a new set of enchantments
All Throw runes can now be added to Spears

Added Pig Sticker Blueprint to Fillmore’s Level 1 Shop
Added Assegai Blueprint to Whittacker’s Level 1 Shop

Nerfed Throw runes
Reduced Poise Damage On All Throw Runes
Reduced Damage On Ice Throw Rune

Nerfed Focus Regeneration enchant curve so that it no longer generates too much Focus too quickly
Focus Regeneration enchantment no longer drops with Gloves and now only drops with Helmets
This Includes Enchanting Items At Eleanor

Falling Sky and Woodland Protector’s initial item levels were set too high and have been lowered to the intended levels

Updated animation for backstabbing with Staves, Spears, Greatswords and Great Hammers
Updated visual effects for Piercing type weapon attacks (such as Spear or Rapier)

Enemies and Bosses
Polished Darak boss fight
Improved behavior to prevent him standing idle after attacking
Improved behavior when fighting ranged builds

Added Bite Attack to Plague Rat
Added Back Attack to Risen Axe Bruiser
Added escape logic to Risen Fire Bomber
Added Elemental Affix visual effects to Nith Brute, Nith Screamer and Shackled Brute
Adding cloth simulation to Boarskin Bruiser
Polished rigging on Plagued Boomer
Reduced camera shake intensity on Risen Hammer Bruiser, Boarskin Bruiser and Riven Twins
Smaller enemies can now smash breakable objects (barrels, crates, etc.)

Changed the name of the worried woman in the Sacrament Town Square to Nell
Polishing dialog for Druo, Lucian and Everwyn
Updated the dialog for NPCs at the Cerim Gate in Nameless Pass
Added eavesdrop to Sleeping Guard Gerard in Sacrament

⚔️ Areas
Improved collision, faders and set dressing in Prologue Ship, Orban Glades, Mariner’s Keep, Nameless Pass, Sacrament, Multiple Sacrament Interiors, Cerim Crucible, Cerim Cave, Riven Twins Boss Arena and Potion Seller Cave
Polished lighting for the ship in Prologue, Sacrament and Cerim Crucible
Updated foliage in various locations
Added physics and wind simulation to Spruce trees

Polished animations for characters in the Inquisition Arrival cinematic
Improved lighting, character rim lighting and volumetrics for the Prologue Ship Crash Outro and Inquisition Arrival cinematics
Removed a background character who was blocking part of the view in the Inquisition Arrival cinematic
Fixed cloth and camera pops in the Inquisition Arrival cinematic

Environment update for Sacrament:
Added Ambience Emitters for certain Residential and Vendor buildings like the Cook, Tavern, Woodcrafter and Enchantress
Updated zone beds and oneshots for unique parts of town (Cemetery, Poor Area,Training Grounds, Dasha Sanctuary)
The church near the cemetery now has bells ringing to service playing at certain times of day, followed by churchgoers praying and chanting from behind the doors.
Updated ambience for Sacrament Town Square to feel busier during the day
Updated environment audio for the Cerim Gate zone in Mountain Pass

Increased audio buffer to help alleviate audio crackle artifacts
Increased available audio resources to help prevent sounds from dropping out during long play sessions
Updated audio for Cerim Vision cinematic
Updated audio mix for Barrel and Crate destruction
Saluting Guards in Sacrament now have sound
Added Weapon-specific Impacts on parrying and blocking actions
Added ladder sliding sound effects for Kickdown Ladders
Added sound effects for going down Ladders
Added new sound effects for Plague-Enchanted weapons
Polished audio for Bounties enemies
Fixed missing sounds for Plagued Mutant Soldier
Fixed rain sounds appearing in Sacrament Interiors
Fixed enchantment-specific weapon whooshes cutting a bit too early
Fixed NPCs not making footstep sounds when walking around
Fixed environment states sometimes not resetting when returning to the main menu

Blood effects are now juicier and used more often!
Improved blood visual effects attachment to characters bodies from attacking and getting hit
Increased intensity of shiny item drop VFX

Bounties and Challenges
Updated Crustacean Conundrum bounty to spawn 14 Crabs while still only requiring 8 Crabs be killed to complete

Added and updated localized text in many places across multiple languages
Added localization support for new Controller Remapping screen and for various missing localized elements
Fixed incorrect font on the Activities screen

Bug Fixes
Fixed various enchantments on unique weapons and rings that weren’t working properly
Fixed Rested Bonuses for sleeping in beds
Fixed Key Items respawning after pick up
Fixed navigation in Nameless Pass which was preventing certain enemies and the Riven Twins boss from patrolling and moving to the player
Fixed Echo Knight falling off the arena and blocking progress
Fixed Cerim Armor missing upgrades at Filmore
Fixed Risen Pavise, Eye of the Beholder and Wooden Howler Shields not showing their proper models
Fixed SHIFT key not being recognized in the Main Menu
Fixed certain environment textures overriding certain armor textures
Fixed certain armor having missing or incorrect cloth simulation
Fixed rigging on certain armor
Fixed The Wallow boss attacks not having sound effects
Fixed Falling Sky Blueprint not giving the Unique version of the weapon when crafting
Fixed an issue where completed but not yet turned in bounty/challenge rewards were being automatically given to the player at reset
Fixed wall cannons not firing in Cerim Crucible
Fixed XP UI not showing "Max Level" after reaching the level cap
Fixed Level and XP UI being present without a Character selected in the Main Menu
Fixed "Long Area Name" appearing on the map where map is unavailable (such as Cerim Crucible)
Fixed being able to skip through locked doors in The Shallows
Fixed players getting stuck at the end of the entrance corridor in the Echo Knight Arena
Fixed Enchant Item Challenge counting enchanted items that are picked up
Fixed mortuary guard popping in on screen during Spoken and Unspoken quest
Fixed extra Elsa map marker during the Spoken and Unspoken quest
Fixed Giles and Petra standing instead of sitting on the chairs in Caroline’s Inn
Fixed Arrows not hitting Plagued Wolf
Fixed Wolf and Plagued Wolf target point
Fixed Tanth Knight getting stuck during patrolling in Mariner’s Keep at Endgame state
Fixed Darak leaving his shield in Orban Glades when he escapes
Fixed chest opening VFX in Performance and Balanced quality presets
Fixed Wolf having a dance party after death
Fixed Chest floating in the air in Mariner’s Keep
Fixed incorrect texture on the Crafting Table
Fixed 4096×2160 resolution appearing as 256×135 aspect ratio, instead displays as 1.9:1
Fixed overblown bonfire lighting at The Shallows
Removed rogue rim light at The Shallows
Removed lighting debug shortcut

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