Fjolårets stora bluffspel, fiaskot The Day Before, har ju kritiserats av precis varenda spelsite/tidningen samt gamer som vidrört skiten och nu när spelet i sig är nedlagt, nedstängt och snart bortglömt har det letat sig fram ny information om utvecklingen. Tydligen visste utvecklarna bakom The Day Before inte att de arbetade med vad som skulle bli ett MMO förrän de själva fick se fejktrailers som studioägarna och bröderna Gotovtsev beställt från en extern studio. En av utvecklarna som arbetade med ljudeffekterna fick dessutom böta 20 000 kronor eftersom bröderna Gotovtsev ansåg att hans arbete inte höll måttet. Snacka om koncentrerat vanvett.

Tyska Gamestar skriver:
"Sources allege that the game’s character creator had to be overhauled multiple times to keep up with GTA Online, then Hogwarts Legacy, then Baldur’s Gate 3. While the game’s setting, a smoky, oppressive city, had to be dramatically altered to become brighter and friendlier after one of the brothers played Spider-Man 2. One former dev said they only learned the game was supposed to be an MMO when they saw a trailer for it. One claim, backed up by several of Game Two’s sources, says that employees were made to pay fines to the company for turning in substandard work, with some reportedly forced to pay $1,930 for poor-quality voice recordings. Others were kept on their toes by a company policy of spontaneous termination: one of The Day Before’s five testers was apparently fired from the company just before release after one of the Gotovtsevs encountered a bug.

As for the Gotovstevs themselves, it seems no one quite knows where they’ve ended up in the aftermath of Fntastic’s closure. The pair went AWOL around the game’s launch—a fact that several staff attribute to foreknowledge that the game was in a dire state—and only reappeared to shutter the studio via Microsoft Teams. Several of Game Two’s sources believe the pair have started from scratch at a new studio making mobile games, but it remains unclear which one, if that’s even the case."
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